Prepare an introduction that includes

  • An introduction of your school and teacher (done by students)
  • Some facts about your community (and pictures too if possible)
  • A map that shows your location

Prepare your presentation/interaction

Then decide (as a class if possible) what you want to share with your partner class. Here are some ideas. You may think of more!

  • Have students read original poetry (include visuals to help the partner class follow along)
  • Have students perform poetry (either as a class or individually)
  • Find funny poems to read to the other class
  • Act out poems as a skit

Take it up a notch, if you like, and get the other class to interact with you. Here are some ideas. Maybe you'll think of more!
  • Teach them 3 or 4 different types of poetry; then read poetry and have the other class identify the type of poetry used in that poem.
  • Use poetry with a repetitive section - have your partner class learn and do the repetitive section with you.
  • Have a "poetry idol" and have a few students at the other class be the judges and give feedback on your poetry performance.

Accents, Hearing, and Visuals
Remember that sometimes it's hard to understand the other class over videoconference, which is sometimes compounded by different accents. Another challenge can be created by students reading in groups or reading very quietly. If possible, figure out a way to provide a visual support for your partner class:
  • Use the document camera or computer to share the words of the poem
  • Email a page to your partner class to print out so they can print it and follow along
  • If using repetitive words or phrases, create posters to accompany the reading/performance
  • Create illustrations to accompany the poetry (hold them up and make sure you can read them all the way across the room)

Connect Poetry to Other Content Areas
Here are some ideas to use poetry to present on other content areas:
  • Create haiku poems on the content area you're studying - geography, social studies, science. Illustrate it if you can: create a poster or 8x11 sheet to show on the document camera with the works to the haiku and an illustration.
  • Share clues for something in rhyming couplets for the other class to guess: i.e. animals, science, or geography topics
  • Share math story problems for both classes to figure out by writing the story problem in poetry form.

Email your partner teacher

Be sure to tell your partner what you're planning to do so they can prepare as well. Let Heather or Janine know if you're having trouble contacting your partner. Sometimes emails get lost!